What's a Website?

    What's a Website?
    • Just like a blog, a website is a collection of content called web pages. Unlike a blog, the pages are not usually organized by date.
    • With websites, you have a more control of your site's layout because it's easier to work directly with the code.
    • Now, of course, if you take the time to learn CSS, HTML, PHP, etc. you can change the layout of a blog as well. However, it's not quite as straightforward since blogs are made up of several different files and the coding is a bit more complex.
    • With a website, you can manage your entire design in a software program so editing the overall layout is a little easier than managing the layout of a blog.
    • Another difference between websites and blogs is how content is published. With blogs, the publishing functionality is built into the blogging platform so you do not need any additional tools to publish your site online.
    • For example, to publish your content from a WordPress blog, you would login to the WordPress admin panel and select "Publish".
    • To publish content to a website you need an FTP program or web software that has a built-in FTP program.
    • Note: FTP stands for file transfer protocol and it's just a simple program that moves your web pages from your computer to your website. FileZilla is a common FTP program and it's free.
    • Don't let the acronyms scare you. It's really not that difficult. In fact, many web hosts now have FTP programs bundled into your account so if you can publish your content right through their control panel area